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Every day is a school day….and accidents do happen!
We specialise in the complete DJI product range, from drones to gimbals.
We can also offer our services with other makes and models as required. We can also offer upgrades to your product.

From struggling installing the latest firmware or rolling it back, through to a hardware repair, we are here to get your item back to you in working condition as quickly as possible.

Blixten FPV is one of the leading drone repair service centres in Northern Ireland and is owned and run by repairs specialist Simon. He has extensive experience in repairing a wide variety of drone and camera gimbal systems all over the UK & Ireland. Simon’s aim is to repair your drone or gimbal regardless of age and at a fraction of the prices charged by competitors!


Blixten FPV is one of the very few companies to offer repairs to camera gimbal systems such as DJI’s Ronin, Osmo’s and other systems around Ireland and the UK.


You will be provided with a quote for repairs before any work is carried out along with an estimated timescale on how long it will take. Regular updates on your drone repair will also be provided.

Repairs don’t just mean physical repairs, if you are struggling with updating the latest firmware on your drone or gimbal system let us know, Simon also offers a firmware installation service. Maybe you have bought a drone kit and are having issues building it, let Simon do it for you and you can take all the credit!


If you are experiencing any issues with your drone Blixten FPV will help you get everything back up and running again.


Contact us with details of the issue, we will be in touch to find out more and provide an estimate of the cost within 2-3 working days.


If you are happy to proceed a diagnostics fee of £9.95 is payable on each repaired item.

Package up the item and send it or drop it off in person.


A confirmation email will be sent when your item arrives, followed by updates on the repair progress.

We offer a no fix no fee service.